Photos and videos of you at the most Instagrammable locations in Dubai and the UAE

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Dubai Urban Lifestyle

Price $680 Half Day, 5-6 Hours
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Dubai Urban Lifestyle

$680 per tour

Join us on our Dubai Urban Lifestyle tour to see some of the city’s most popular design-led, creative neighborhoods. Get ready to discover the art-inspired, open-air urban lifestyle precinct that is City Walk with its European-style pedestrianised boulevards and popular wall art, witness the one-of-a-kind Green Planet bio-dome, pose in front of the insta-perfect, art-studded spots and turquoise waters at the beach suburb of La Mer and take some impressive shots of the man-made iconic Dubai Canal landmark with its set of stunning bridges and skyline views, with you always taking center stage.

Half Day, 5-6 Hours
  • Locations
    City Walk, Green Planet, La Mer, Dubai Canal
  • Pick-Up Time
    Depending on your preferred pick-up location, we will be ready to depart at approximately 7am.
  • Drop-Off Time
    Once we complete our shoot, our aim is to drop you back at your preferred location by 1pm.
  • What To Wear
    This is completely up to you but we advise you bring 3 sets of clothes to change into so you add more variety for the shoot.
  • Included
    Insta Locations Tour
    Posing Guidance
    Extra Props
    Content Editing
    Photo & Video Delivery
  • Optional (Extras)
    Boat Hire
    Dress & Wardrobe Rentals
    Hair & Make-Up Service
    Meal Arrangement
    Wardrobe Stylist
    Fuel Cost
City Walk

Our Dubai Urban Lifestyle tour kicks off with a visit to the design-inspired, open-air urban lifestyle precinct that is City Walk. Conceptualised by the world’s best designers, this high-end creative destination combines Dubai’s love of out-of-the-box thinking with contemporary convenience. We’ll walk around the area’s European-style pedestrianised boulevards which stretch several blocks from the city towards the Jumeirah neighborhood and we’ll capture some beautiful photos and videos of you, some of which will have the Burj Khalifa in the background. Along the way, we’ll encounter plenty of stunning street art from some of the world’s leading street artists, which decorate many of the area’s public spaces and create an open-air art gallery. So get your poses ready as we move around some of the more popular wall art installations and create more Instagrammable content with you taking center stage.

Green Planet

Located in the heart of the city within the City Walk precinct is the one-of-a-kind Green Planet bio-dome, Dubai’s very own enchanting tropical indoor rainforest sustaining more than 3,000 species of plants, animals and birds. Although tickets to this lush oasis of exotic flora and fauna are not included in our tour (these can be organised upon request as can further content-creation inside this glass dome), its exterior is an impressive sight to see and a highly Instagrammable location that we’ll spend some time at. You’ll get to pose in front of this incredible giant origami-cube looking building while our team capture picture-perfect moments of you. Then while up close to the building, we’ll also take snaps with the building’s beautiful Arabic calligraphy wall-details as the backdrop.

La Mer

We’ll then jump in the car for a short 10 minute drive down to the beach to check out La Mer and its insta-perfect spots. Aside from its turquoise waters, redeveloped beaches and white sands, this popular urban beachfront destination is one of the hottest selfie hotspots thanks to all its funky murals and art installations that bring a splash of colour to the surrounding Jumeirah neighbourhood. The decorative wall art on display found along sidewalks, across buildings and even on pavements is extensive and is sprawled across the entire 2.5km long strip. We’ll spend time stopping at some of it most photographed spots that are perfect for your Instagram feed, including artwork of a child wearing heart-shaped sunglasses with the message ‘stay cool’, graffiti of Arabic phrases such as ‘yalla habibi’ and ‘aloo keefak?’, colourful street art of bananas and camels, and much more. And before we take off to our next destination, we’ll capture some picture perfect views of the city skyline, including the Burj Khalifa, with you always taking center stage.

Dubai Canal

Hopping back into the car for another close 10 minute drive will lead us to the final stop of our Dubai Urban Lifestyle tour - Dubai Canal. While the entire stretch of this meandering waterway is 3.2km long, extending from the Creek in Old Dubai through Business Bay and out to the Arabian Gulf, we’ll only cover the portion of it that is in Jumeirah. We’ll walk along the banks of this man-made iconic Dubai landmark and pass by a set of pedestrian bridges, including the wonderfully-designed Twisted Bridge where we’ll spend time capturing several snaps of you. Take a moment here to enjoy this highly ethereal passage as you cross from one bank of the canal to the other, taking in the kaleidoscope-like twisting truss that envelopes the bridge path. This waterfront destination also offers key vantage points to savor Dubai’s glimmering skyline which is a perfect way to finish our tour before we jump back into the car and make our way to your preferred location.

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