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Dubai Desert

Price $550 Half Day, 3.5-4 Hours
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Dubai Desert

$550 per tour

Enter the wild, adventurous side of Dubai away from the city’s sky-piercing structures and glittering cityscape. Join us on our Dubai Desert tour as we head into the vast, pristine expanse of desert land, with sand swirling all around and nothing but towering sand dunes as far the eye could see. Surround yourself with the desert landscape and get ready to create picture-perfect content at authentic, Instagrammable desert locations. Run loose, get a sense of freedom, feel the sand running through your hands and watch the sunset with its golden hues.

Half Day, 3.5-4 Hours
  • Locations
    Multiple locations at the Al Qudra Desert
  • Pick-Up Time
    Depending on your preferred pick-up location, we will be ready to depart at approximately 4pm.
  • Drop-Off Time
    Once we complete our shoot, our aim is to drop you back at your preferred location by 8pm.
  • What To Wear
    This is completely up to you but we advise you bring 3 sets of clothes to change into so you add more variety for the shoot.
  • Included
    Insta Locations Tour
    Posing Guidance
    Extra Props
    Content Editing
    Photo & Video Delivery
  • Optional (Extras)
    Boat Hire
    Dress & Wardrobe Rentals
    Hair & Make-Up Service
    Meal Arrangement
    Wardrobe Stylist
    Fuel Cost
Al Qudra Lakes

See Dubai’s skyscrapers, record-breaking architecture and huge shopping malls through your rear-view mirror, as we drive inland to Al Qudra Lakes, which is less than an hour’s drive from the city. This easy-to-reach desert oasis is a man-made lake located in the middle of the Seih Al Salam desert and is home to hundreds of migratory birds which take shelter in this beautiful location. We’ll start our Dubai Desert tour here, taking in waterfront views of the beautiful desert surrounds and capturing photo and video content from this unique and interesting location.

Al Qudra Desert
We’ll then hop back into the car for a short drive to a location where the road ends and an incredibly vast expanse of the Al Qudra Desert begins. This is one of the closest deserts to the city and a place where the country’s natural heritage and ecosystem is preserved. As the sun begins to slowly descend and its dazzling golden hues make an appearance, we’ll be able to capture some incredibly Instagrammable content of you in the Dubai desert. You’ll be able to strike poses with backdrops of endless rolling hills of sand. Jump, run, slide and get a sense of freedom while we take photos and videos of you. See the sun dip behind the desert landscape and take in the yellow, orange, red and purple colors in the sky which will add in a magical effect to the footage we take of you. And as day turns into night, we’ll jump back in the car to make our way back to your preferred location.

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