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Dubai Seaside

Price $950 Half Day, 4-5 Hours
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Dubai Seaside

$950 per tour

Hop on a boat for an afternoon ride and see Dubai from a completely different perspective while on our Dubai Seaside tour. Spend time out at sea on the waters of the Arabian Gulf and capture picture-perfect moments with spectacular backdrops of some of Dubai’s best landmarks. While embarking on this scenic ride, you’ll get to see Dubai’s most iconic hotel, the Burj Al Arab, pass through the tree-shaped manmade Palm Jumeirah island-wonder, cruise alongside the coastline to the towering steel supertree structures on Bluewaters Island, marvel at the world record-breaking Ain Dubai and navigate past the high-rise dotted Dubai Marina. Transition from the sunset’s golden colours into the evening’s cool hues at these highly Instagrammable hotspots, with you always taking center stage.

Half Day, 4-5 Hours
  • Locations
    Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, JBR, Bluewaters, Ain Dubai, Dubai Marina
  • Pick-Up Time
    Depending on your preferred pick-up location, we will be ready to depart at approximately 3:30pm.
  • Drop-Off Time
    Once we complete our shoot, our aim is to drop you back at your preferred location by 8:30pm.
  • What To Wear
    This is completely up to you but we advise you bring swimwear along with 1-2 sets of clothes to change into so you add more variety for the shoot. Please note that there is no changing area on the boat.
  • Included
    Insta Locations Tour
    Posing Guidance
    Extra Props
    Content Editing
    Photo & Video Delivery
    Boat Hire
    Fuel Cost
  • Optional (Extras)
    Dress & Wardrobe Rentals
    Hair & Make-Up Service
    Meal Arrangement
    Wardrobe Stylist
Palm Jumeirah
Our boat ride sets off from Palm Jumeirah West Marina located on the world’s largest man-made island, Palm Jumeirah. Built from reclaimed land, this palm-shaped wonder is one of the most audacious engineering projects ever undertake and is so large in scale that it can even be seen from space. While navigating around it, we’ll be able to get great views of the surrounding mix of island residences, glamorous five-star resorts and chic beach clubs.
Burj Al Arab
Probably the first major landmark of modern Dubai and a pioneering structure of its time that helped put the emirate on the global luxury tourism map, the one-of-a-kind Burj Al Arab hotel continues to be an iconic tourist attraction today and is the next stop on our tour. The sail-shaped building rises 321m and is constructed on its own triangular man-made island so being on a boat will provide us with unique waterfront views while we get up close for some highly Instagrammable shots of this architectural wonder.
We’ll loop back and cruise the waves of the Arabian Gulf, moving in parallel with the long sandy shoreline, past residential communities to make our way towards the waterfront neighbourhood of Jumeirah Beach Residence (or JBR for short). This is among the city’s busiest and liveliest areas, and the views from the sea are truly spectacular. While we admire this beach haven and its emblematic beige buildings, we’ll also continue snapping photo and video content of you from different perspectives.
Bluewaters Island
Around this time is when the sun will be setting over the emerald waters and golden hour will be in full motion. This is also when we’ll be reaching Bluewaters Island, a man-made lifestyle destination located just opposite JBR, comprised of residential, retail, leisure and entertainment facilities. A sight to behold here are the towering steel supertree structures dotted around which make for a great backdrop.
Ain Dubai
Also located on the upper tip of Bluewaters Island is Ain Dubai, the city’s latest world record-breaking addition and the centrepiece of this island destination. Standing at 250m tall, this is the highest ferris wheel in the world and is yet another example of how Dubai keeps on defying the odds and pushing the limits of what’s possible. Expect to be impressed by the picture-perfect vistas here as we transition into the evening’s cool hues at this highly Instagrammable hotspot.
Dubai Marina
As we circle back for our return journey, we will navigate past the high-rise studded Dubai Marina. This artificial canal city is carved along a 3km stretch and is an unmissable location, particularly at dusk, as you’ll be spellbound with all the surrounding illuminated skyscrapers which have pushed the limits of architectural imagination. The atmosphere here is electric, the views are breathtaking are are a treat for the eyes. It should not be surprising that Dubai Marina has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the emirate. Leaving the flashy lights behind, we’ll dock the boat back where we started, jump into the car and make our way back to your preferred location.

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