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Dubai Downtown

Price $680 Half Day, 5-6 Hours
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Dubai Downtown

$680 per tour

Our Dubai Downtown itinerary takes us to the heart of Dubai where some of the city’s most famous landmarks live, such as Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world, to the world’s largest mall, Dubai Mall (they are both truly enormous). There are also many more incredibly Instagrammable locations along the way featuring captivating art installations, dazzling sculptures, iconic buildings, and an Arabesque-styled marketplace, all of which will have you taking center stage, ready to pose for the camera.

Half Day, 5-6 Hours
  • Locations
    Downtown Dubai, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Souk Al Bahar
  • Pick-Up Time
    Depending on your preferred pick-up location, we will be ready to depart at approximately 7am.
  • Drop-Off Time
    Once we complete our shoot, our aim is to drop you back at your preferred location by 1pm.
  • What To Wear
    This is completely up to you but we advise you bring 3 sets of clothes to change into so you add more variety for the shoot.
  • Included
    Insta Locations Tour
    Posing Guidance
    Extra Props
    Content Editing
    Photo & Video Delivery
  • Optional (Extras)
    Boat Hire
    Dress & Wardrobe Rentals
    Hair & Make-Up Service
    Meal Arrangement
    Wardrobe Stylist
    Fuel Cost
Palace Downtown
This is the first stop of the Downtown Dubai tour and one that is very popular. Here, we’ll capture you on the grounds of the spectacular Palace Downtown hotel with the backdrop of the Burj Khalifa.
Dubai Trolley
Next is the Dubai Trolley, a great addition to the Downtown Dubai area where you’ll have the chance to pose in front of one that is permanently stationed which again has views of Burj Khalifa.
Wings of Mexico Statue
This sculpture showing angel wings has proven to be incredibly Instagrammable feature and one that can’t be missed especially as the tallest building of the world can be fully captured in all its glory.
Burj Park
We’ll then hang out at Burj Park for a while. This open area has a few art installations, a long pedestrian walkway and offers incredible views of Burj Khalifa which towers from above.
Three Fingers Statue
Next you’ll face in front of the three finger statue and do the homonymous salute which has become a trademark of the nation, symbolizing victory, winning and love.
Dandelions Sculpture
While at Burj Park, you’ll hold onto a dandelion… a 7-meter tall, larger-than-life dandelion for that matter. Its large-scale size is only fitting given its location next to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa.
Dubai Opera
You’ll then stand beside the unique and architecturally-impressive Dubai Opera, a 2,000-seat multi-format theatre which is a more recent addition to the ever expanding Downtown Dubai area.
Declaration Sculpture
Just opposite the Dubai Opera is a beautiful calligraphic sculpture known as the 'Declaration' where we’ll spend some time to capture some fantastic content.
Burj Khalifa
As we head even closer to Burj Khalifa, you’ll then marvel at this awe-inspiring structure from its base and notice how far back your neck has to go before you see its tip.
Steel Heart Sculpture
As we continue closer to Dubai Mall, we’ll then encounter a shimmering, voluptuous-shaped 5 metre high heart which you’ll leap and reach out for.
Dubai Mall
We’ll then enter and roam around the world’s largest mall, stopping at several artwork installations scattered around that are true gems and are incredibly Instagrammable.
Human Waterfalls
You’ll be mesmerised by the striking water feature known as the Human Waterfall nestled inside the Dubai Mall where we’ll capture content from a few different angles.
Heart-Shaped Art Installation
In front of the Human Waterfall, there’s a perfectly placed art installation which is heart shaped. Creating a heart sign with your hands here is very fitting.
Souk Al Bahar
Translated in Arabic as ‘Market of the Sailor’, this last stop of the tour is a special one as the Souk Al Bahar location offers some fantastic spots that are surrounded by more traditional Arabesque-styled architectural elements and sand-colored buildings.

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